Two ideas

Yes, I’m aware that this blog hasn’t exactly been methodical in its approach to the brief but…bear with me!
Ok, I’m sitting in class, and I’ve just announced my two ideas. So here they are with some extra blah.

1: Robotics in military and law enforcement and how they effect society.
Ok, it’s a sci fi idea for sure. “You mean Terminator and Robocop, right?” Well…yes and no. Those movies are a kind of starting point for what I’m trying to achieve with this idea. Presenting this concept involves researching current technologies used in military and law enforcement in connection to artificial intelligence and robots.
Straight off the top of my head there are such things and bomb disposal robots, robots the police send into hostage negotiation situations (I’ll find a video clip to illustrate this at some point), and sentry robots in shopping malls in Japan (thanks for the link, Lucy!).
So – I want the research to inform the design of a race of robots that protect us…or not. And produce an aesthetic design based upon the tech. I want to introduce a narrative idea in the same way that the Halo mockumentary that I posted below does. It presents a ‘what if’ scenario that could be a really fun format to work with. I’ll have to take another very close look at the brief to make sure I’m heading down the right route by producing something similar.
The only trouble I for see in making a short film like that is that I might not be able to show as much research into the robots as I’d like to without boring everyone to tears. As a solution to this, I thought perhaps an accompanying website to show the design process and specifications of the machines in more detail. Oh, I could embed the movie into the website, couldn’t I? Make the whole thing one neat package for presentation.

To clarify then:

The presentation piece is short animated film in a documentary format that introduces the design and implementation of robots on the battlefield, and in our own neighbourhoods, and how that technology affects our society. It will deal with present day, the near future, the far future. The content of the animation will take the form of artwork of the robots. What do I mean by that? er…well, things like propaganda-esque posters to make society fall in love with the idea of being protected my mechanical saviors, and eventually how society was fooled by such a dangerous implementation of near indestructible creatures being allowed into their daily lives. So you’d have images of the machines rescuing cats from trees, helping old ladies across the road, saving babies from burning buildings, standing atop a pile of vanquished enemies, intercut with footage of men in suits arguing, and flags and all that other nonsense that crops up in documentary spoofs.

So…any good?

2: The future of emotional and community based gameplay in videogames.
This the idea that is alot more grounded in reality, and is probably my safe option. What I’m focusing on here is the development of NPC characters in videogames. All too often, the characters in games might as well be a stick with a poster on it with a few words telling what do do next. You can’t really believe in them. I’m of the opinion that the level of interaction with NPC characters needs to be raised to the point of not knowing quite whether you’re talking to an NPC or another player in the game world.
I wondered if this could happen via users logging onto a website and submitting backstories, dialogue, and emotional responses for an NPC in a similar way to the way we use wikipedia. I like the idea of a character in a game being able to have a really rich background and enable an emotional response from the gamer.
The trouble is – what kind of game would you have advanced characters like this in? A totally new type of game? An RPG, almost certainly.

I think a talk with Micháel may help with honing this idea to same level as my robots idea. Perhaps I can pin him down this week to help me out.


~ by traumatron on October 8, 2007.

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