No student Loan? READ THIS!

Ok guys, for those who haven’t seen their loan come in – there is a problem, and here’s the steps to resolve it.

The problem is that the contact has not been made by Brighton Uni to the Student Loan people – the reason for this is that the Uni are stating that they need your student support number in order to action your loan, and for whatever reason – they haven’t got it.

Call Brighton university (01273 600900) and ask to speak to Registry. Identify yourself with your date of birth, as chances are you don’t know your student number off by heart.

The chap to speak with is Mr. Manear. He is expecting your call – because I just told the guys in registry that my whole class is out of pocket.

You need to tell him your student support support number.
This number is on your financial Notification document from the student loan people. It should start with BRGV.

Mr. Manear will then call the student loan people and action your loan manually. It takes three working days for your loan to come through – so as long as you act fast, you could see it come in on friday.

Hope this helps you guys out a bit – and remember, don’t give anyone a load of grief over the phone, I’m going to scribble up a letter to the uni and ask for an explanation as to why there was a problem and so many people got left high and dry, so that hopefully this won’t happen to people in future. There’s no point giving a guy a hard time over the phone about it, because it’ll only slow up him helping us out.


~ by traumatron on October 9, 2007.

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  1. You are very wise, and possbily very powerful, time will tell…

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