Reigning it in

Hello again.

Yeah, that last blog got way out hand, didn’t it? Let’s focus on the here and now, and what’s going to happen over the final few days.

After some research into crime statistics in the UK, I’ve found that the majority of recorded crime, and crime that most people are most aware of and affected by is burglary, vehicle theft, vandalism and personal theft – with links to violent crime.

This puts a different emphasis on my robobcops. It was pretty naive of me to think that machines could take the place of the entire police force and their many varied duties. How can a robot deal with delicate situations like domestic abuse? Quite simply – they cannot.

Therefore, it may be a better idea to go right back to where the research began – with the security robots deployed in Japanese Malls. If I stick to what the robot body is most capable of – mobile surveillance and apprehension of criminals, I’d be in a better position to pitch such a controversial product.

Also the idea of a team of robots being controlled by one man is too much to develop in such a short time. I’ll leave that premise on a back burner until there is a better time to introduce that element to my sci-fi story for another project.

So now I’ll going to try and pitch the product based on reigned in version of their abilities.
So then, the application of the robots is thus:

1-A guard for a commercial, industrial or domestic area, capable of recording any unlawful activity and reporting it to the proper authorities.

2-Given the appropriate user-set permissions, the robot can function merely as a surveillance droid, watching and noting unlawful activity, or be fully employed to take the place of a security force. That is, actively apprehending intruders on the set property or area.

for example-

In a domestic area such as a shopping malls and housing areas, it may only be necessary to have the robot act as a sentry, warding away wayward youths, by way of voice commands, using physical force as a last resort by way of any standard issue hardware of a regular security guard.

In a industrial or commercial environment, the robot can be employed to stop any unlawful activity that is taking place, by force if necessary – while remotely reporting the crime to appropriate authorities.

In military capacity, the robot is able to use camouflage to blend with the environment, and has increased accuracy with ranged weapons over the average human soldier, making the machines ideal for a variety of applications be it first wave assault, surveillance or tactical manoeuvres.

Along with the above applications, the robot is also equipped to identify hazards such as fires, and can tackle them.

3- The robot is superior to a regular security force in the following ways:

a- Increased physical durability. Faster, stronger, more accurate, never tires. Has the ability to enter dangerous areas humans cannot. Fire or smoke filled areas, for example, pose little threat to the robot exterior.

b- Increased visual capability. Can ‘see’ in the same way a sophisticated camera can see. Utilises multiple vision modes, such as night-vision or infra red and has the ability to objects at a greater distance than a person can without telescopic aid. The robot is also programmed with recognition software, that will allow to remember a previous felon and carry out duties appropriate to the individual based on past offences or encounters.

c- Increased aural capability. Is able to monitor record and human voices, to be stored for evidence as reviewable sound files, or to be transmitted to the controller for further appropriate instruction.

So there you have it, that’s the sort of thing I have to include in the presentation, along with the visuals for the product actually looks like, and illustrations of the various applications, and getting in crime statistics that prove why such a force should be employed. Oh, and the technology behind the robots too – which is essentially lashed together from the research I’ve done about current robots.

So now it’s case of putting all this together, probably by way of photoshop, illustrator and dreamweaver, as I’ve very little intention of using dry old powerpoint, and I’m too uneasy with flash to make good time with what little time is left available to me.


~ by traumatron on November 9, 2007.

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