Interactive brief – first idea/s

Yup, it’s new brief time once again. This time, we’re to come up with something interactive. The only constraints being that the final product must all be viewable on a computer.

Now, I’m not overly keen on simply producing a website design, or an interactive DVD…but at the same time I might have to in order to fit in with the idea that I’ve currently got.

Do you remember the bit in the ‘Alien’ series of movies where Ripley hooks up what’s left of the damaged android (Bishop, was it?) and asks him about….whatever it was? The alien, I suppose. Anyway – that image really stuck with me. This damaged half human, covered in goo and wiring, speaking his last words – words that could save Ripley’s life.

This gave way to an idea I had years ago about astronauts finding a broken old robot as the sole survivor of a deserted planet. The astronauts then take the robot back to their ship and begin extracting all the information they can about what happened on that planet. So they pull off transcripts of conversations the robot had, sound files, video files, all manner of stuff, until they finally begin to piece together what happened to everyone on the planet.

Well…I never really wrote the story to a conclusion, and the project never got off the ground but…maybe this time eh?

Ok, my second idea is based more in the past. My girlfriend Nicola is currently enrolled in a burlesque dance class, which she joined on the basis of us visiting The Monkey’s Paw, a show fronted by local colourful character Michael Attree. I was inspired by his performance as an English gent from yesteryear who became involved in paranormal investigations. I thought about maybe having a natter with him, seeing as we are now moving in similar social circles, thanks to Nicola’s friends in the dance class – about maybe reprising my old stand up act, albeit with some major modifications. I thought it might be quite funny to play some kind of gentleman necromancer, who raises starlets from the dead for altogether unwholesome purposes.

Uh..anyway! how does this link with the project? Well, I wondered what manner of things I could do on stage that are suitably spooky and victorianesque. I’d heard previously of something called a Phantasmagoria, and wondered about creating something like that for this project.

I’d prefer it if I can link the remaining projects I’m doing this year to the central concept of my sci-fi story that I posted in an earlier entry, as there’s a steady stream of very visual ideas in there to bring to life. It’s very clear that the robot head wired to a computer links to that – but the phantasmagoria may be a different matter altogether. Plus, it may be rather rather limited in terms of interaction when compared to the robot idea. I’ll think on it further, and see if I can’t find a way to bind the two ideas together.


~ by traumatron on November 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Interactive brief – first idea/s”

  1. Interactive head video-

  2. If you don’t think your idea will be extremely interactive, have a look at shock artists or performance artists and maybe you could think about making it interactive also in the sense that it provokes emotional reactions in the user, or the viewer has to interact phsyically to see things as they should be. (i.e, the way it’s presented- turn it into a sort of interactive installation).

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