Developing robot head idea 2

Ok, I’ve had some ideas that fill in the gaps in my story and concept.

Dr. Genus has a 24 hour robotic guard (or nurse?) to look after him while he wired into the security robot control system. The robot is in place because it is able to watch over Genus constantly. There are no other people that interact with Genus other than the robot.

When Genus becomes unwell, due to over-work, he confides in the robot.

Genus reaches the conclusion that his research into nanotechnology can help him recover his strength. He begins to use nano machines on himself, despite the lack of testing into the effects upon the body.

The robot notes changes in Genus’ physical appearance, and mental health. Due to the robot’s unfaltering logic, it is able to predict what continued use of the nano machines in Genus’ body will have. It can see how Genus will mutate into something other than human.

Genus, in his confused and semi mutated state, destroys the robot to prevent it from transmitting the data to the government officials about his controversial use of the nano machine technology, and the secret of his disturbing outbursts.

Yeah, it isn’t Shakespeare, but it works from my point of view. I found a really interesting after effects tutorial about making people look monstrous, so I’ve got Genus’ mutation covered. I suppose I’ll be playing the role of Genus, unless I can find an actor willing to work for no money.

The way I see it, I’ll have a few videos, that have been treated in after effects, obviously, that represent what the butler, er, I mean, robot saw. Maybe it would be best if they were the pay off for each mini-game you play in your search to retrieve the data from the robot’s head.

I should really have another good think and then produce a treatment document for monday.


~ by traumatron on November 23, 2007.

One Response to “Developing robot head idea 2”

  1. Hey You,
    You asked what equipment we used for the Interactive Poetry Installation:

    DOCUMENT CAMERA feeding into an AV MIXER
    The AV MIXER feeding into a MONITOR and a PROJECTOR

    A little confusing I know, but hope it helps.

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