Developing robot head idea

Story idea.

The idea is that inside the robots head is a lot of separate different types of data file that all relate to each other in a specific order that tells a story, and/or gives a glimpse into another world.

I’d like it to Link with the sci-fi story I’ve already written.

The user has to make their way through the files, and piece together the information so that it makes some kind of sense. There could be video files, audio files (maybe the robot could speak a set of pre defined phrases that are also clues) and images. Maybe the user has to gather these things and use some kind of drag and drop interface to put the various pieces in order once they’ve discovered and/or unlocked them.

Do I want to say that the robot is from the future, or the present?


Perhaps the robot could have been a one of a kind machine, which was destroyed because it knew too much. Witnessed something it shouldn’t have. Maybe it was destroyed and buried because mankind isn’t ready to wield robotic technology. Maybe it was destroyed as part of some kind of cover up operation by the government.


The robot is from another planet, and reveals details about another civilisation, that mirrors our own.

The robot is from the future, was destroyed upon entry to our time, and the data we pull from its head is a message that was of dire importance to our civilisation.

It’s just occurred to me that if the robot was from the future, it wouldn’t be able to wired into a laptop. Well, alright it probably could. But I wouldn’t want someone to sit down and immediately start questioning the hardware, as opposed to getting involved with piecing together the pieces of the story.

…maybe it’s for the best that the story remains fairly ambiguous and open to interpretation. Or is that a cop out? I’m quite keen on the idea that when all the info is joined together, it producing a very dream-like (nightmarish?) recollection of events. We are pulling memories out of a head, after all.


~ by traumatron on November 23, 2007.

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