Developing robot head idea 5 – The Story.

Ok, I’ve had some more ideas about the story, so I’m going to try and list out the sequence of events of the robots life here:

Gencorps’ Autonomous Vigile Unit presentation to the government

Acceptance and deployment of AVU’s.

General acceptance of the AVU’s under Genus’ control

Genus’ physical deterioration

Government review – decided that that Genus must be removed from controlling the machines due to his sickness. Genus devises a way that the robots can go on securing the city by way of nanomachine implants that make them more human and able to act on their own impulse.

AV Unit’s re-deployed with nano implants. The implants fill in the gaps that the machinery left behind, organic parts and a human mind.

Genus’ use of nanomachines to repair his body.

Mutation – AV units characters begin into splinter into five separate identities. Each robot becomes self aware and physically mutates to reflect his burgeoning personality. They give themselves names: Mercy, Myopia, Malice, Mistrust and Malignance. They are all a refraction of Genus’ policing. His personality. They are a portent for what is to come.

The mutated robots turn on Mercy when he releases some child offenders from custody, believing them to be innocent. They destroy him, cutting his head from his body and leaving him for dead.

Genus is psychically linked to the robots without the use of machines due to a mutation caused by his use of nanomachines to repair his body. He is becoming Tyrrus, a monster that has lurked in Genus’ dreams since the early days of the Autonomous Vigile project. He has become a fusion of machine and man. His robots become redundant in his wake as a superpower in the city.

Tyrrus takes over as ruler of the city after his crushing defeat of the government.

Genus has become a monstrous mother figure, coddling the remaining people of the city with one hand, while crushing any that display signs of resistance with the other.

By this point, the nanomachines in Genus’ body have given him the ability to merge with objects on a molecular level. He realises that he can be everywhere at once, if he runs his entire body and consciousness through the security system of the city. He would become a vast, living city, able to control absolutely everything within it.

The resulting trauma on his mind that this action instigates destroys his mind to the point where he no longer has a single identity. The city becomes a psychic playground. The remaining humans and robots, under the control of the nanomachines play out scenes from Genus’ scattered memories. The city becomes a grotesque, nightmarish puppet theatre, detailing Genus’ sad tale.

The city becomes a living storybook of man versus man, by way of machine.

So there you have it, the first draught of the revised story.


~ by traumatron on November 28, 2007.

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