Quick thoughts

Sitting in class right now, and we’ve just had a natter about interactivity. To summarise what I got out of it:

It seems interactivity relies on a loop. The loop starting with people, then people being surveyed by other people in order ascertain what is ‘normal’, and then those people being informed by the survey, aaaaaand, I’m not sure I’m going the right way with this actually. Heh.

What I really got out of the discussion was the idea of the audience becoming the author. The best example being the ‘Lost’ TV series, that caused a big stir on the internet due to the ambiguous nature of the story in its opening stages. I was involved in the initial stir, because I was drawn in by the mysterious aspects of the narrative and was keen to wax lyrical about what could happen next, and theorise about the events in the program. This was the enjoyment of the show for me. As the series continued, and the initial questions were answered, I became unsatisfied with the results the show gave me. I was much more interested in just being given the outline, and left to play with ideas contained therein.


~ by traumatron on December 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Quick thoughts”

  1. I can see your point, because a huge part of the appeal of Lost is speculation. It’s funny that such keen interst in the show can cause both enrapturement and total dissapointment. Choosing to engage online in the media hype that surrounds it can greatly increase your anticipation for new episodes, and get you actively involved with the storyline to the point that depending on how great your imagination is, it ends up being unable to live up to the impossibly high standards you have set for it. The media hype means the show is up there on a pedestal which the writers can’t always achieve, but I think it unfair to write the show of just yet….the more answers they give you, the more questions you get. You say you stopped watching at the end of season one, but I would really suggest watching season 2, and especially the end half of 3, as it has sparked loads more speculation over cloning. You can see a sneak peak from season 4 on youtube, which was leaked on purpose to encourage this.

    Also, season 4 will have flash forwards to lives AFTER the island, as well as before.

  2. re: your comments on my blog

    I’ve been meaning to watch Mulholland Drive for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. He likes to blut the lines between fantasy and reality doesn’t he?

    As for lost, I personally liked season two, but have to admit now most of the tailies aren’t in it any longer it’s much better. The Others get flashbacks in season three, and you get the impression that they themselves have ‘others’.

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