A brief and petulent outburst.

Fine art.

“It’s all about showing the work in context.”

We know. We know all about context. We embrace it. We study multimedia. We have a perfect grasp of the form and the function of creative works.

And we know when to put it on youtube.

Being an artist is all well and good but let us factor in the distinctions between what is art and what is design. You are an artist. The pieces made largely for the self, to be viewed by others and appreciated as personal views. The content is yours to decide, as well as the form. You have total control. Your work is viewed by the precious few, in distinct areas.
We are designers. We are trained to read minds, and create wonders from someone else’s specification. We have to grasp every available medium and dazzle with our knowledge of various techniques. We’re an invisible faceless army, turning the wheels of popular culture. Our work is everywhere you look.

In short, it’s pretty tricky. So don’t talk down to us when we haven’t heard of a Spanish film-maker from the 60’s whose influence has spread over precisely 0.2% of planet earth’s population.

You make art.

We’ll make money.


~ by traumatron on December 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “A brief and petulent outburst.”

  1. thank you 🙂

  2. and again! great..

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