Christmas comment on consumerism- treatment document

At this time of year, people seem mainly focused on the purchasing of expensive gifts for loved ones – despite the fact that this misses the entire point of Christmas, as referenced in Dr. Seuss’ epic tale ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’.

Our proposed piece concerns the use of the ultimate Christmas symbol of consumerism – the Christmas tree and a public toilet.

The tree is situation in the toilet bowl, and a video camera placed outside the cubicle, watching myself and Kelly Purves (local political degenerate designer) decorating the tree lavishly with ornate baubles and tinsel. The performance is dedicated to the work of Ellie Rees, in the sense that it will be in all one take.

The tree, in it’s fully decorated form will then be flushed down the toilet – symbolising societies ‘throw-away’ mentality.

As the tree is downloaded to the sewers below – the finished video will be uploaded to to youtube.

This may or may not be a terribly serious proposal.


~ by traumatron on December 13, 2007.

5 Responses to “Christmas comment on consumerism- treatment document”

  1. The link below might interest you. It’s about greenpeace protestors who chained themselves to a row of toilets with trees in them.


    Also, I think it might be illegal to plant a tree in a public toilet?

    Perhaps you could do it in your own and pretend to flush so it doesn’t do any damage? Just zoom in on a hand flushing the handle at the end, but secretly take out the tree first.

  2. haha!!! i like it collin…. this would make her proud.

  3. Yo ho ho! check out AdBusters magazine or website. They promote a “buy nothing day” sometime in Decemeber as an anti-christmas-consumerism ploy. It’s a nice unlikely ideal and AdBusters themselves are pretty hypercritical, but it’ll be a good reference point for that performance idea – which by the way, is a good-un!
    Happy Crimbo Mr Colin!

  4. Would it looke a bit like this:

    0 <> O
    !_ < o > -!
    ! < o > !
    [ < o o > ]
    < o o >
    ‘ ‘

    ( )
    ) (

  5. Sorry didn’t work, it was a perfect image but all the spaces were lost.

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