So, I got my prints back from the guys here ta the college print shop, but found that I had made a deadly mistake.

Lee, the chap doing all the printing for me had asked if I could extract the files from the PDF I housed them in, as the printer would not print double sided for the weight of paper that we were eusing. He needed individual files to print one set – then re insertthe paper and print the other side. So, away I go to sort this out by importing the PDF into photoshop, which split it back up in PSD files. Something it also must have done during this process was to rasterise all the images, making them a slightly lower quality that they were for the previous prints I had made. So what I’ve got back from Lee is a bunch of prints that have jaggy edges on all the text. Plus, the prints are really really dark. Some of the images, this works really well, but not the majority. Also, the jaggys do give all the images and text the appearance that you might be viewing them on a monitor rather than in a book – which is interesting, but I think way too risky to not simply be seen as a flaw in the output by D&AD judges.

It’s a crying shame, but I still have a few really nice prints out of the experiment. So as it is, I’m sticking with the copies of the book I’ve already made for both the college hand in, and the competition hand in. Even though there some changes to the text, as Micheál suggested, I’ll have to stick with the previous version – at least for the hand in date. Which is now only a few hours away.


~ by traumatron on March 14, 2008.

One Response to “Gah.”

  1. o well
    i dont think they looked too bad, but after all the effort you guys put into making the books, you want them as close to perfect as possible, i hope you got everything in ok like i did.

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