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Hello! I’ve been looking at some pretty cool things over the past couple of weeks while we’ve been away, here’s a few of them:

The Orphanage.

A spanish horror movie that returns us to old ghost story favorites like Turning of The Screw (Or The innocents, seeing as we’re talking about movies), in the sense that we have no excessive gore, fancy editing or cgi special effects, just lots of darkness, sounds and going slowly insane. Very spooky and very much reminded me a theatrical performance The Woman In Black.

Don Hertzfeld’s Everything Will Be Ok

Don is an animator of some great renown and his steadfast simple style is refreshing in a world of CGI like Beowulf! This short film deals with the life of Bill, who is seemingly driven mad by the banality of his own existence.

Alter Ego by Robbie Cooper

A book about people and their online persona’s within MMORPG video games. It’s interesting to see just how many different types of people there are included in here, from the sick and old to the young and glamorous – breaking the stereotype that its only young white males that play videogames. It’s generally quite a strange tale that the mesh of all the se people weave, and is a major influence for me in writing my essay about how people transform online – but still manage to fit into pigeonholes that have been specifically created to describe internet users. I’ll expand on that later!

Mass Effect – Bioware Games

A video game where you play as commander shepherd, an elite member of the human alliance, charged with stopping Saren, an…alien. guy. he’s evil. Yeah, it’s fairly standard sci-fi plotting, but the difference with this game is level of conversation the player has with his computer controlled team mates. lots of story lines develop naturally, and it’s not something I’ve seen done so well in a video game before. I’ve started playing this game for second time, this time with using an attractive female as my avatar, to see if how it affects the other characters in the game – I’ve played previously as a man, who was quite a goody two shoes, so now I’m keen to see what kind of scrapes my femme fatale type character will get into to. I’m playing all the conversations using the negative, threatening reply options, and i have to say, it’s quite a lot of fun being bad. I’ve had her punching people in the face for talking back, calling people cowards and extorting money. She’s my kinda gal.

So yeah. What I’ve been focusing on a lot lately is how the internet transforms us. Because I really think that it does. The internet certainly did a number on me, and I chronicled that change in the previous illustrated book project. The things I’ve seen and the things I’ve done sound bizarre and ridiculous when applied to the real world. But on the internet it’s all very ‘serious business.’ I’m currently watching my friend throw a red alert because I told him a guy that the admitted to his internet message board is a little bit creepy. He’s becoming just like I was when i was in charge of the message board, I fear. I was frequently far more interested in witch hunting that I was with running a fun social group. Oh well. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.


~ by traumatron on March 31, 2008.

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