Ahoy shipmates, it’s a blog about me dissertation yer after is it? Well, better late than never I suppose.
The title of the the essay was ‘Is the act of trolling destroying or unifying the internet?’

what did you discover which was new?

To be honest the subject I chose was one close to my heart and one I was involved directly in, so I was more writing from experience than casting out my line for new ways of thinking. I read, I had an opinion, I reported, I explained. During my further research into the Internet Meme and various troll activities I did find some funny and some quite scary stuff, mind you.

what was enjoyable about this?

I chose the subject with the full intention of enjoying writing the essay, because the antics of trolls are amusing to me, and I enjoy taking part in online communities – but did find myself running on empty towards the end, when I realised the points I was making were kind of obvious. I tried to focus on how the nature of anonymity on the internet does as much good as it does harm in terms of internet relationships, but really ended up stating what most will already be aware of – people are generally quite irresponsible when you mask their identity.

what was difficult?

I don’t generally find writing that tricky, but in this case I found it difficult to bulk out the essay when I tend to work in a ‘to-the-point’ style. Like I say, there was no great deep understanding of the troll by the end of it, as it was venturing into realms of the nature of humanity and good and evil – which would have taken the writing to a place that perhaps was not in keeping with the rest of the work. What was most difficult was explaining the logic and actions of the troll to as large of a readership as possible. Trying to not be esoteric or use terms that wouldn’t make sense to anyone who wasn’t an avid web user. Considering the needs of the audience for any work I do is generally quite a challenge.

a summary of the theme, title, main points

Ok, I suppose you’ve gathered most of this already, but the main points were about bringing to light the different acts committed by the troll. Some of them nauseating and unforgivable, and some of them noble, and how it is possible that a singular mindset can produce those two extremes. Of course it transpired that the ‘bad’ and ‘good’ acts are not committed by the same individuals, but by individuals using a common name and identity to hide themselves. I’m intruiged by the nature of the group ‘Anonymous’, the multi headed hydra of the internet, that often ends up fighting with itself due to the ambiguous nature of it’s name. I found simply that we, as human beings, sometimes assume the name ‘anonymous’ when we want to strike out at something, be it a noble pursuit or petty one.


~ by traumatron on May 14, 2008.

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