Business for the missus

As you or may not know, my mrs. is a burlesque performer going by the name Esmeralda Underwood. She’s asked me to conjure up a whole mess of design to help with her on-line presence, marketing and business cards. So starting with the business cards, I’m looking to develop a set of graphics that will both compliment her on stage persona, and be congruous across the various types of media that she’ll be using to promote herself.

Here’s what I’ve come up with thus far – click the images to see them more clearly:

Business card standard size:

Moo mini-card size:

I’ve recommended to Esmeralda, as the very same chaps produced 100 mini cards for me for the sum of a tenner. Very good quality, and super-quick delivery. Check ’em out.

So, gimme some feedback on this design. Can you read the text? Do the colours work?

I’m going for a vintage look, obviously, and the darkness represents the spooky nature of the character Esmeralda intends to work into her act in our collaborative project The Undershowzen. I’m worried that the design may be a bit fashionable, maybe even passé – as vintage style very much seems to be en vogue at present. that said, is the design too generic?

…let me know!


~ by traumatron on July 4, 2008.

One Response to “Business for the missus”

  1. Very Móúlín Rógúé. The font is easy to read, no problems with that. If you could afford it, I’d get the cards printed out so the pattern is flock. You know, like on t shirts.

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