Flyer design

Hello again, it’s time for the next exciting episode of Business For The Missus!

This time my beloved asked me to produce a lo-fi b+w A6 flyer design to be strewn about in the various nightspots she performs at and frequents.

The idea for the design is based on a few sources. Firstly, the skull mask is from an old costume design I saw when I was a little lad for Lady MacBeth. If I recall correctly, she wore a red and black gown, and a black skull mask, fashioned to be worn like a veil. It was really creepy, and I’ve never forgotten it. The skull mask also denoted that our dear Esmeralda is, in fact, dead. That’s right. In our forthcoming ‘Undershowzen’ performance, we will give you the whole story about Esmeralda’s sad life and death. The death theme is continued with the blood spatter fans – which is a gruesome take on the traditional fan dance so often seen in burlesque, and if you look a the image a different way, it can appear as if we are seeing a girl lying in a pool of blood.

You might also notice the blood fans make a heart shape, an image further strengthened by the heart shaped nipple pasties. This is another allusion to Esme’s backstory in that she died for love.

…why yes, it is quite clever, thanks for noticing! heh heh.


And that’s not all! Take a look at Esme’s website – it’s a place holder for now, but you can contact her and see what she’s up to via the links on the page. You’ll recognise the graphic work from the previous post about business cards.


~ by traumatron on July 10, 2008.

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