Sweet Enough

Myself and Kate Kamikaze recently started a little project over on Facebook called Milk & Sugar. Every 2 week s we randomly pick a title and produce an image each, based on that title. Then you look at it.
It’s as straightforward as making a cup ‘o tea.

…unless you drink really fucking crazy tea.

Why don’t pop over and take a look at what people are making, and maybe join in yourself?

Here’s my first submission. The first topic was ‘Milk & Sugar’ to mark the opening of the project.

'Sweet Enough'

Um, that’s me. Drinking distinctly un-sweet tea. I HATE sugar in my tea.
The image is treated and tinted to give a tea-stained impression, and I have a great fondness for using paper textures in my work right now. I like to make images with a certain sense of humour and anyone that knows me, knows there is an irony in the image. I’m generally a grumpy young man, and when offered tea, will always decline sugar, explaining darkly that “I’m sweet enough…”

Pen & tablet drawing in Photoshop using a photograph as reference.
The font is called ‘nasty’. The brushes are custom and from christ knows where. Work time was something in the region of three hours in two sessions. Most of that was pissing about with the colours.


~ by traumatron on February 8, 2009.

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