Whatever happened to Milk & Sugar?

Milk & Sugar was (and is!) an art project for people of all creative disciplines to get involved with. Every two weeks, we shout out a title, and you create a piece of work based on that title – it really is that simple. What started on facebook has now emigrated over to a new home, with better facilities for showing images, as well as writing, music, movies, and anything else you can think of!

So…things have been a bit quiet lately, no?

Well, that’s because M&S has moved virtual home into shared accommodation with the very lovely Do It Yourself Word Of Mouth Promotions – better known as DIY WOMP!

What does this mean? Well, I’ll tells ya:

There’s greater focus on getting your work seen. The site is already home to practicing artists, musicians, writers and photographers who work with DIY WOMP getting their work out there in front of people. We aim to be getting your efforts out there into the real world too, not just up on the web.

What the flip are you waiting for? Create yourself an account and get involved with this new community!

http://diywomp.ning.com – start here!

http://diywomp.ning.com/group/milksugar – join milk and sugar here!

http://twitter.com/mnstopic – get your topics/titles tweeted to you here!


~ by traumatron on September 16, 2009.

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