@Furyonband Music Video – Faces of Evil

Animation has begun on the video, I’m 16 seconds in. Yep. Titanic, I know. Seeing as there’s little to show as yet, have a peek at some rough concept sketches for the Witch Character.

As you can see, she took quite a journey to get to final design, which can be witnessed a few posts back. The trouble in the early stages was that she wasn’t grand enough, and even with final choices made she still doesn’t seem overly opulent. I wanted to make her young and quite tough looking, you’ll notice in the video that a lot of the combatant characters share similarities to her in their armour and adornments. So she might not just be their ruler as Queen, but possibly a commander. It’ll be clear she likes a good fight, though.

Also in the image above you cansee where I’ve gone from very witchy, with a Voodoo look, to Gothic, to sci-fi, and then settled on something near future like. You’ll notice her mask used to hand-held, like sci-fi opera glasses, but I chose a mask-helmet in the end to make her seem otherworldy and inscrutable. I’m also keen on certain characters having only one eye, as it gives an impression of what their personality might be like. She has a single, staring mechanical eye – one viewpoint. Her own. No one calls her into question. That sort of thing.

…any similarities to a Goth Lady Gaga are purely coincidental!

There’s nothing to say she might still look quite different in the final piece…


~ by traumatron on February 27, 2010.

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