Traumatron makes your Pirate & Werewolf nightmares come true!

Yes! I have returned from a triumphant wedding and jolly nice honeymoon – so I’m back in the saddle and ready to make more horrible things. Speaking of which, a couple of private commissions that I did before my life spiralled out of control never made it to the blog – so here they be! Both sets of these famous monster nesting dolls are are one – off designs made especially for two very special ladies. Huge thanks to Kellie and Lynn, it was great fun designing and making these horrid critters for you.

Yarr! What a motley crew! These guys mark my first ‘Mega Monster Dolls’ set – the tallest doll stands at around 9″. The bigger the dolls, the more detail and impact!

Most of the time, I write the person who will receive the dolls a little note about the characters they receiving. This acts a kind of certificate of authenticity as a ‘Traumatron Original’. Yeah, that sort of thing might sound a bit poncy – but I’ve had a go at making it funny. Click it to big it if you can’t read it.

Both of these set were created as birthday presents. These things really do make amazing, unique gifts – and hey…Halloween AND Xmas are almost upon us. Why not give me a scream at and ask we to whip up a batch based on your ideas? I live to serve! I make all your nightmares come true!


~ by traumatron on September 28, 2010.

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