A Wonderful Awful Idea to help MND Scotland

Over Christmas, we lost Bill, my wife Nicola and my sister in law Jenny’s Grandad to MND. We want to help the sufferers and families and carers of people with this illness as much as we can.

I make monster nesting dolls. And what I want to do is make a very special set of monsters for one very generous person who takes part in donating to MND Scotland who do great work helping people with MND. It doesn’t matter if its 50p or £50, as long as you’ve helped in whatever way you can to raise some money for this Charity, I’ll put your name into a very big hat and one of you will win a very special set of dolls made to your specification. I was going to auction the dolls, but that excludes too many of you, and by doing it like a raffle via justgiving, we can start donating and helping the charity straight away. So: have a think about what kind monsters you’d like me to make you and make a donation on my justgiving page and follow me on twitter to keep up with the project and find out if you’ve won!

I really want to turn my horrible monsters into something wonderful, so please help me if you can!

Ok, so right now: help me get this off the ground and tell all your friends and family about this, “like” this video, retweet it and share the info on facebook or email or at work or whatever – Let’s get as many of you guys involved as possible.


~ by traumatron on January 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Wonderful Awful Idea to help MND Scotland”

  1. Hello Colin, just wanted to say that we’re very sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for raising funds to fight MND in Scotland in this way.

    We’d love to see photos of the finished items, please do send!

    All the best, Sara @ MND Scotland.

    • Thanks Sara – I’ll keep doing the best I can with the help of my awesome supporters. Will certainly be in touch with pictures once my target is reached and the creation process begins!

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