Furyon: Disappear Again Motion Comic

Written, illustrated and animated by Traumatron – Brighton based artist Colin Newman, especially for Furyon’s debut Album ‘Gravitas’.It tells the tale of the band, caught by a vicious and vain Witch Queen who keeps the boys as pets, only to be freed by a courageous and mysterious warrior knight, who bests the Queen and her minions in a wicked and bloody arena battle.

The Ballad Of Tom Dean

A work of collaboration between myself and writer Dave Fensome, with music by’s Kevin McLeod. The piece tells the tale of Tom Dean, a seemingly invincible sailor who takes on a stormy sea and sees strange things in the boiling waters. Shown at City College Brighton & Hove end of year digital arts show 2007.

I Am Tokyo

One minute music animation challenge project. A piece depicting a dystopian future where mutated cyborg soldiers take over the earth, with music By Gin Panic. Shown at the student animation showcase at Brighton’s Duke of Yorke’s Cinema.

Thom Yorke’s The Clock

Animated music video produced for the D&AD student award 2007, based on the Thom Yorke brief. The piece shows the evolution of an alien civilisation, ultimately ending in their destruction at the hands (and laser eyes!) of a monstrous building.


Subterranean Films animated DVD Intro and menu screen for film maker Anthony Carpendale. Featuring the music of our dear friend and electronic spooky tunes wizard,’Dissolved’.



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