Spread the word about MND – grab a wonderful awful poster!

•January 12, 2011 • 2 Comments

Hi there folks.
Since my last post, we’ve raised over £200 and are well on our way to meeting the target of £1000. There’s a still a fair way to go, so I thought another good way to get the word out about this fundraising project would be to grab the poster below, print it out, and stick it up in your canteen at work, or in the window of your shop, or wherever people will see it. Please be sure to get permission to print and display, of course!

Click it to big it!


A Wonderful Awful Idea to help MND Scotland

•January 5, 2011 • 2 Comments

Over Christmas, we lost Bill, my wife Nicola and my sister in law Jenny’s Grandad to MND. We want to help the sufferers and families and carers of people with this illness as much as we can.

I make monster nesting dolls. And what I want to do is make a very special set of monsters for one very generous person who takes part in donating to MND Scotland who do great work helping people with MND. It doesn’t matter if its 50p or £50, as long as you’ve helped in whatever way you can to raise some money for this Charity, I’ll put your name into a very big hat and one of you will win a very special set of dolls made to your specification. I was going to auction the dolls, but that excludes too many of you, and by doing it like a raffle via justgiving, we can start donating and helping the charity straight away. So: have a think about what kind monsters you’d like me to make you and make a donation on my justgiving page and follow me on twitter to keep up with the project and find out if you’ve won!

I really want to turn my horrible monsters into something wonderful, so please help me if you can!

Ok, so right now: help me get this off the ground and tell all your friends and family about this, “like” this video, retweet it and share the info on facebook or email or at work or whatever – Let’s get as many of you guys involved as possible.

The Faun – “Take My Hand”

•October 12, 2010 • 1 Comment

You might recall I’ve been working on and off on a Pan’s Labyrinth inspired piece, but it never really came to fruition as I explored how to use custom brushes and making the switch from CS4 to CS5 and all the possibilities that that brings. Well, this one happened quite by accident. I was meant to be drawing something totally different, when inspiration struck and a monster became a Faun. You’ll notice this isn’t a direct interpretation of Guillermo Del Toro’s movie Faun (or Pan), but rather something more closely resembling the idea of Pan, the old god being linked with images of demons or the devil. There’s also kind of an unintentional 80’s animated movie feel to this too. Probably something to do with fact my Faun goes to the same hairdresser as Toyah Wilcox, eh?

The piece is called “Take My Hand” & you can order prints directly from me – traumatron@gmail.com

Take My Hand

Traumatron makes your Pirate & Werewolf nightmares come true!

•September 28, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Yes! I have returned from a triumphant wedding and jolly nice honeymoon – so I’m back in the saddle and ready to make more horrible things. Speaking of which, a couple of private commissions that I did before my life spiralled out of control never made it to the blog – so here they be! Both sets of these famous monster nesting dolls are are one – off designs made especially for two very special ladies. Huge thanks to Kellie and Lynn, it was great fun designing and making these horrid critters for you.

Yarr! What a motley crew! These guys mark my first ‘Mega Monster Dolls’ set – the tallest doll stands at around 9″. The bigger the dolls, the more detail and impact!

Most of the time, I write the person who will receive the dolls a little note about the characters they receiving. This acts a kind of certificate of authenticity as a ‘Traumatron Original’. Yeah, that sort of thing might sound a bit poncy – but I’ve had a go at making it funny. Click it to big it if you can’t read it.

Both of these set were created as birthday presents. These things really do make amazing, unique gifts – and hey…Halloween AND Xmas are almost upon us. Why not give me a scream at traumatron@gmail.com and ask we to whip up a batch based on your ideas? I live to serve! I make all your nightmares come true!

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo character print

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Yo. I found the character of Lisbeth Salander to be one of the most interesting female characters I’ve seen in cinema in a long time, and wanted to produce some artwork based on her – so here it is! Think of it as perhaps an alternate book cover. Prints available on request.

I’m likely to do some more work based on Lisbeth, so stay tuned. I’m very keen on her image and fierce persona, so she makes for a very inspiring subject!

Furyon & Traumatron Immortalised in Tattoo Form!

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Recently, it came to my attention that an excellent gentleman by the name of Phil Wates got himself a tattoo. Not just just any old tattoo mind you – but none other than my mysterious Knight character, produced for our mutual heavy metal chums Furyon! Phil was inspired to get the design committed to his flesh upon seeing the band for the very first time at their EP launch show, and was overcome at how awesome the boys are and, ahem, how awesome the knight design is. Heh heh.

“I’ve spent years looking for the right tattoo. I saw the knight and it had to be done!”

Mr. Wates, we salute you.

Special thanks to Jed at Inktrusion for performing the work on Phil. Tea and medals all round!

Traumatron in Classic Rock Magazine

•June 23, 2010 • Leave a Comment

…well. sort of.

If you head to the last page in the June 2010 issue of Classic Rock Magazine, you’ll find those jolly Furyon chaps getting talked up by the legendary Dom Lawson. And should you be crazy enough to flip over that free EP, you’ll find none other than my cheeky Knight character, lurking under the track listing! So then: a small but certainly significant triumph for your old pal ‘tron. Champagne and caviar all round. Please send all fame, adulation and piles of ludicrously expensive commissions my way within the week. That’s not asking too much it guys? …guys? Is it? ….anyone?