Traumatron prints at the Twin Peaks UK Festival 2011

•July 20, 2011 • 1 Comment

You heard correctly, Peaks Freaks! My damn fine Lynch inspired work will be exhibited at the forthcoming Twin Peaks UK festival held at Riverside Studios on the 26th November 2011.

I’ll be showing both versions of the Fire Walk With Me alternative movie poster – “Red Room” and the prize winning “Laura Don’t Go There”. A3 prints will be available, a limited run of 25 in each design, signed and numbered.

Also, my brand new Twin Peaks Doppelganger series, based on the denizens of the Black Lodge make their debut appearance as a set of four art cards, packaged in a hand finished envelope with a quote from the show. I expect to have 15 sets on sale at the festival.

…I may have other surprises on the way too.

Get more information about the festival on the official website.


Traumatron posters are bigger and better!

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Hi there!

I’ve got some good news for you – my entire catalog of posters are now available on Etsy, and they’re bigger and better than before. All posters now weigh in A2 dimensions, twice as large as they previously were, and printed on matte paper with UV resistant inks, so they’ll stay vibrant for years to come.

There’s some new work in there too, including a Batman Returns & a Jurassic Park Alt movie posters and my prize winning Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With me design.

That’s not all – you can save 25% if you purchase two of my posters at once – keep ’em peeled for the offer in my Etsy shop.


Twin Peaks Doppelgangers

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Hey kids.

Inspired by an incredible evening at the Double R club, I’ve produced yet more Twin Peaks artwork.

You can find my new Doppelganger series over on flickr by clicking here.

You can also find some new t-shirts featuring Twin Peaks designs and other awesome movies and TV shows on my redbubble store!

Traumatrons Projekt Two CD sleeve

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Wotcher. I recently contributed some artwork to New York based rockers ‘Projekt Two’s self titled debut EP. Projekt Two is Modern Melodic Metal with an Old School Metal vibe. Created as a studio project by Guitarist Stephen Phillips and Drummer Trevor Brown.

Their long awaited EP featuring “Hand of Fate” and “Set Me Free” is available at Bull Moose Music Stores and Go get it!

A Wonderful Awful Update

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What monsters will you make?


You might very well recall at the beginning of the year, I asked you to help me raise some money for MND Scotland, the charity who are helping sufferers of Motor Neurone Disease up north, in memory of Bill – my Wife’s grandfather, who we lost over Christmas time as a result of being afflicted with this illness.

Well, we were off to a roaring start when I offered you all the chance to win a set of my famous monster nesting dolls by very kindly donating to the cause with a pledge of any size in order to help the charity and be in with a chance of winning a special set of monsters designed by you, created by me, to turn something horrible into something wonderful. The current pledges toal £248, so we still have a long way to go to reach the target of £1000 and then a winner can then be chosen!

So, if you haven’t very kindly done so already, please click here head over to my justgiving page to make a donation and get involved with my wonderful awful idea.

Oh, and if you’ve already given a donation:

Thankyou so much!

Traumatron T-Shirts for sale!

•February 24, 2011 • 2 Comments

twin peaks t-shirt

Finally – I actually have some products for you!

In honour of the death of the lovely, but fictional Laura Palmer, there are two Twin Peaks inspired shirts, as well a minimalist ‘The Prisoner’ design, Dalek Sec from Doctor Who and finally a cyborg ninja who bears an uncanny resemblance to Gray Fox from the Metal Gear solid games.

Some of the designs are available as stickers and as kids clothes too, so get ’em while they’re hot.

Click them thar pics below to go straight to my redbubble store.

Buy my t-shirts

Keep ’em peeled for more tees, stickers, prints and greetings cards heading your way soon.

Furyon Artwork For Sale

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They’ve been floating around for while now, but like a big fool, I didn’t blog about ’em. I made Furyon two gig posters toward the end of 2010.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The archival quality Giclee art prints are A2 in size and are printed on Matte Litho-realistic 270gsm art paper …what does that weird talk about paper mean? It means they’re BIG and they’re AWESOME, they’ll LAST FOREVER and that’s pretty much all you need to know.
You can grab one now by clicking here to head to my Etsy Store to have and hold a little bit of Furyon history. Your print will come signed and very likley  come with a cheeky little message too. I just don’t know.

Oh – See those buttons, below? give ’em a good poking, eh?